[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights April 06, 2021 – Genki Wave music ring lets you control musical arrangements with gesture control


(WorldKings.org) Get more musically creative with the Genki Wave music ring. This unique wearable allows you to control instruments with gesture control, so you don’t need to make any physical contact.


This means you can adjust the sound with just a tilt, tap, pan, click, roll, or vibrator. It lets you add natural expression to the tools you’re already using. No matter if you’re a performer or composer, this music ring lets you control and make adjustments to sound in a completely new way.



Moreover, you can fully customize Genki Wave. So you can adjust sensitivity, range of motion, CC signals, and more. And you can even set commands and switch between settings to improve your workflow in the studio. Overall, its 33′ Bluetooth range lets you stay connected with a range of flexibility.



The Wave Ring is equipped with various precision sensors which generate a series of commands (gestures) which are sent via Bluetooth to the separately available Wavefront module, a computer, tablet or smartphone.



The LED matrix provides information about functions and the configuration of the Wave Ring. Thanks to the adjustable strap, the controller fits on every finger. The "bracelet" draws its power via Micro-USB; after one and a half hours of charging, the way is clear for up to eight hours of gaming fun.



According to The Gadgetflow


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