[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights April 05, 2021 – NRG Power Charging Bicycle Stem powers your devices while you ride


(Worldkings.org) Say hello to the NRG Power Stem, a power-bank that’s designed with an extremely well-defined purpose: keeps your device’s battery topped up while you ride.

Therefore, you’ll always have battery remaining on your phone while you’re undergoing a lengthy bike ride. The NRG Power Stem was designed to fit right on your bicycle’s handlebars, allowing your phone to remain charged while you have it mounted on your bike.



The NRG Power Stem isn’t designed like your conventional power banks, because when your phone is attached to your bicycle, it isn’t really a conventional smartphone either.



The smartphone takes the role of your bicycle’s dashboard, so the NRG Power Stem makes sure that this dashboard (and navigation system) runs efficiently and effectively, allowing you to cycle and navigate for hours without needing to charge your phone separately.



This useful gadget attaches to your bike and comes with custom cables that allow you to charge your smartphone, GPS tracker, and other devices. And these cables are shortened, so you can conveniently reach your device on the handlebars while reducing any accidents.



In fact, the small cable connector keeps your cables organized as you move. Boasting a 3,500 mAh battery, it quickly and efficiently charges your devices in a limited time. An LED indicator lets you know when your Power Stem is running out of battery, so you can easily juice it up using a standard USB cable/charger.



Moreover, the NRG Power Charging Bicycle Stem uses an aluminum casing that makes it durable and weather resistant. This way, nothing can hold you back from exploring the outdoors.

According to The Gadgetflow and Yanko Design

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