[WORLDKINGS] Daily highlight July 17, 2020 - PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden makes it easier to grow plants indoors


(WorldKings.org) Do you neglect every herb or flower that enters your home? The PICO Self-Watering Palm-Sized Garden will change that. This unique indoor garden will help you take the guesswork out of caring for plants so that you, too, can enjoy fresh basil in your kitchen or fragrant jasmine at your desk.

Growing plants indoors around the year can be tough because they require lots of direct sunlight to thrive. Unfortunately, you can’t carry sunlight around to make sure your plants get the energy they deserve. Powered by high-performance efficient LEDs from OSRAM, PICO can replace the sun entirely and let you grow plants year-round indoors. These powerful LEDs are chosen to support a wide range of plants and each color wavelength stimulates a specific biological function in plants.

Similarly, PICO’s watering system makes sure your plants always have the perfect amount of water. The transparent window lets you know when it’s time to top up, typically once a week. Employing just capillary action and gravity, this design does not require any power supply or involve a motor or pumps. Your plants will also grow quicker and healthier due to root oxygenation from below, provided by the ventilation holes.

Best of all, the magnetic, velcro, and tabletop placements let you grow plants anywhere. So you won’t need to take up valuable horizontal space in your home.

With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, you can chain up to 3 Picos together with a regular phone charger. Or build yourself an indoor jungle with 6 Picos powered through a 5V 3A charger! Just connect cables to either side, and each Pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

According to thegadgetflow.com and indiegogo.com

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