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(WorldKings.org) Amygdalota is a type of almond cookie. Although these cookies don't contain any coconut, they are sometimes called "Greek macaroons". They may be called rozethes, ergolavoi or troufes in some regions, and can be shaped like pears, or balls or other shapes. Whatever the shape, these cookies are usually made to be small enough to eat in one bite.

The word amygdalota means sweets from almond. Almond trees are prevalent in Greece, which is why almonds are found in many Greek pastries. Almonds happen to symbolize happiness, prosperity and new beginnings, so amygdalota cookies are present at most Greek baptisms and weddings, along with other almond treats.

Amygdalota are typically made with ground almonds, egg whites, sugar and rosewater or orange essence. You can find greek almond cookies in various shapes depending on which region of Greece that you’re in.  Some are rolled into balls, some are piped with a whole almond in the middle, and some are shaped in crescents or half-moons.

Sometimes they’re unbaked and shaped like pears with a powdered sugar coating as well.  There are so many variations of this classic greek almond cookie!

This Greek almond cookies recipe is one of the easiest cookie recipes you’ll ever make!  There are only 5 ingredients, and no dough chilling or fancy techniques. Simply combine the almond flour, sugar, salt and orange zest in a large bowl.  Add lightly beaten egg whites and stir until the dough is wet and paste-like.

The cookies may also be piped for a pretty presentation with one whole or sliced almond in the center, or shaped into crescents cookies.

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