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(Worldkings.org) Below is the list of the oldest newspapers sorts the newspapers of the world by the date of their first publication




A 1609 title page of the German Relation, the world's first newspaper (first published in 1605)


2. Dutch Republic

Oudste krant Nederland 1618.jpg

Considered the world's first broadsheet because it was published in folio instead of quarto size. Defunct 1664


3. Poland


Weekly news from many places. Oldest newspaper in Poland. The oldest preserved copies come from 1619. Defunct 1652




First French-language newspaper and first weekly magazine published in France. Existed between 30 May 1631 and 30 September 1915


5. Portugal


Gazeta em Que Se Relatam as Novas Que Houve Nesta e Que vieram de Várias Partes is Portuguese first newspaper


6. Baltic states

Ordinari Freytags Post-Zeitung.jpg

First newspaper in the modern Baltic states. Renamed to Ordinari Donnerstags Post-Zeitung in 1677. Last issue in 1678.


7. England

The Daily Courant.png

World first daily newspaper. Last issue in 1735, when it merged with the Daily Gazetteer.


8. Hungary

Mercurius Hungaricus.jpg

Oldest Hungarian newspaper, issued by the insurgency command of Rákoczi's Uprising, it had 7 issues and last printed in 1710


9. Czech


Pražské poštovské noviny was the first newspaper to be published in the Czech language. It was first published in Prague , Bohemia, Habsburg Monarchy in 1719 .It ceased publication in 1772 but was revived in 1782 and existed till 1819.


10. Finland       

Tidningar Utgifne Af et Sällskap i Åbo January 31 1776.gif

Tidningar Utgifne Af et Sällskap i Åbo is the first newspaper to be published in Finland in 1770. It was published in Swedish as Finland was then under Swedish rule. It was in circulation until 1785.


11. Belarus

Средняя школа №94 г. Минска

Considered to be the first newspaper in Belarus and the first local newspaper in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Last issue in 1783.


12.  Serbia

Da se podsetimo: Prve srpske novine štampane još pre 229 godina ...

First Serbian newspaper. Published from 1791 to 1792.


13. America (British Colonies)

Boston News-Letter (first issue).jpeg

The Boston News-Letter, first published on April 24, 1704, is regarded as the first continuously published newspaper in British North America


14. Canada (British Colonies)


The Halifax Gazette was Canada's first newspaper, established on March 23, 1752, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


15. South Africa


The Cape Town Gazette, And African Advertiser (1818/9) - Auction ...

First newspaper in South Africa. Published weekly from 1800-08-16 to at least 1829 by the British Government in South Africa.


16. South Asia



First newspaper in South Asia. Published weekly from 1780-01-29 to 1782-03-23 when James Augustus Hicky's types were seized.


17. Australia

The Sydney gazette and New South Wales advertiser-first issue 5 March 1803.jpg

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser was the first newspaper printed in Australia, running from 5 March 1803 until 20 October 1842

18. Thailand

Review) The Bangkok Recorder and Siam Government Gazette

The Bangkok Recorder was Thailand first newspaper


19. Japan


BAKUMATSUYA • The Nagasaki Shipping List & Advertiser The first ...

Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser is the first printed newspaper in Japan


20. Korea

Hanseong Sunbo 1883.jpg

Hanseong sunbo is the first Korean-language newspaper.




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