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(WorldKings.org) According to thedailyrecord.com, this is top 10 best lipstick brands in the world.

1. MAC



Mac is the most prominent and recognized brand in the world of cosmetics and hence probably the most expensive one as well because of its assurance of giving high and best quality.



Therefore not everyone can afford them. It is often seen applied to film stars, models, celebrities and the high- class women. Mac offers a wide selection of lipstick colors that covers all skin type, which makes it difficult for women to run out of the selection.


2. Yves Saint Laurent



Another brand seen at the top of the ladder is Yves Saint Laurent run by an international designer popular among eye makeup artists. It also serves humanity and mankind through its other products including food and other nutritional things.



They add rare antioxidant substance in their cosmetics that helps in recovering your dry lips and also helps in keeping your skin bright day long. It is rising all above every year because of its outmatched lipstick range popularizing like wildfire throughout the world.


3. Nars

NARS was made with the expectation of engaging ladies to explore and play around with cosmetics. Today, the brand still keeps up this mission and prides itself on showing women how to upgrade their features with their products.



4. Dior

This brand got its name from its founder- Christion Dior, a very famous French fashion designer. This is commonly known as ‘Dior’. There is a wide range of products available from this brand. Though this brand gained popularity by virtue of its perfumes, but later the lip shades made their place in the market.


5. Lancôme



A lip color that defines you in the best possible way. This brand offers a wide range of products for the lips, which are featherlight and stay for long. Normally no gloss is required above lipsticks from this brand.

Most of its lip products have a very creamy and smooth texture. The catch here is that the products available from this brand are non-sticky and hydrating.


6. Estee Lauder



This is one America based cosmetic brand which deals in the manufacture of prestige lip care, skin care, hair care etc products.

The price range is high for its products, though the quality is assured. Bright matte shades are the brand’s highlight in lip care cosmetic product range.


7. Chanel



Chanel produces lipsticks of a variety of shades for a stylish and glam-up look. It is related with Coco Chanel.They are lightweight, seamless and long wearing.

Chanel is a color collection that rediscovers vibrant mood in you complimented well with flashes of purple and a spectrum of pink.


8. Makeup Forever



Dany Sanz, the founder of Makeup Forever is a painter by profession. This Lipstick colors brand promises to redefine the glamorous, out of world, fabulous look hidden in you and provides a gentle finishing touch.

This is the topmost choice of all celebrities, models, and actresses. Makeup forever makes their customers avail its products at a reason price.


9. Bobbi Brown



Bobbi Brown is an expert beautician. They provide high-class lipstick shades containing an amalgamation of multivitamins and wax.

 All these can make your lips unsmudged, hygienic and pinkish. They launched a campaign named #Pretty Powerful in 2013 with a mission of empowering women.

Every year Bobbi Brown launches a new edition of cosmetics including lipsticks. Every cent spent on it goes for supporting the programs all around the world that provide women and girls education, skills and experience to overcome gender inequalities.


10. Guerlain



Since its creation in 1828, Guerlain has been developing and improving day by day. Regardless of whether it’s cosmetics, skincare, or scent, this brand offers the absolute best items available. The lipsticks are enriched with mango butter and jojoba oil that gives a creamy texture. It has a shinier touch and is great for the lips.


According to thedailyrecord.com and listovative.com

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