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(WorldKings.org) Clothing of Nagaland comprises a wide variety of shawls. There is an ornate warrior celebrating type of shawl, known as Tsungkotepsu is a feature of the Aos clan. Instead of the shawl, the typical working clothing is a kilt commonly of black color. It looks stunning on both men and women and popular for its unique style in Nagaland. The shawl is embroidered with exceptional cowries.

Costumes of Women in Nagaland



Women usually wear white and blue cloth with magnificent black marginal bands of breadth. Females commonly put on the garments of men. Angami is a casual dress for women comprising a sleeveless top known as vatchi, a petticoat known as neikhro and a white skirt known as pfemhou.

There is another tribe in which people wear costumes just like Angami called as Ze-liangs-rong, which is a group of mixed tribes like Rongmei, Liangmais and Zemis. The commonest clothing is white cloth, designed with 6 black bands having measurements on both of the corners. The Zemei women are restricted to only white clothing and skirts bordering with red and black color.



The clothing of females in Ao tribe is skirt that can be found in different colors and designs. It is draped all across the waist to make tight grip. Skirts are available in a wide variety to choose from for girls so they are lucky to change their skirts on a regular basis. The skirt clad Naga girls look simply awesome and attractive. The Ao skirts include several verities like Azu jangnup su in yellow, red and black stripes.

Costumes of Men in Nagaland



There is a famous black shawl worn my men in Nagaland known as Ratapfe. The shawl is embroidered in 3 or 4 lines and looks simply attractive. The villages of weatern Angami have exclusive style of clothing design. Lothas’ shawls are put on in festivals and special occasions. Phichu-pfe is also a unique and stylish costume for men.

Types of Shawls in Nagaland 


Nagaland is popular for its unique and designer shawls. They form an exclusive collection of shawls that attract buyers from all across India and other parts of the world. Tsungkotepsu shawl depicts the speaking tiger and elephant. Aomelep su is made from the hair of dogs and then dyed with red color. There is a special shawl “Rongsu” worn only by those individuals who have Milthun sacrifice. A wide range of woven shawls are worn by the Yimchuger Nagas. Kechinger Rongkhim is a beautiful shawl with outstanding embroidery. 



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