[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 famous markets in the world – P7 - Mullik Ghat (Kolkata): The biggest flower market in Asia


(WorldKings.org) The market is located under the Howrah Bridge, at its south-eastern end and adjacent to the Hooghly River. It is the largest flower market in Asia.



Nearly 4,000 sellers arrive at this 131-year-old market at 3 every morning, armed with everything from roses of different hues to sunflowers, marigolds, hibiscus, orchids, lilies and more. Marigold, in every form, from loose petals to large garlands, and used extensively in religious festivities, is one of the biggest draws here. West Bengal’s state flower, the Night Flower Jasmine (harshringar), is popular for its supposed health benefits.




Togor phool (Tabernaemontana) is a local speciality and highly asked for, the flower which has flawless white colour resembles the jasmine and is an example of vibrancy and vigour. The exposure one would get here is simply something which one could treasure for life.





The flowers are sourced from various places in and around Kolkata, such as Howrah, Santiniketan, 24 South Parganas, South and East Midnapore, Nadia, Darjeeling and Bardhaman. Some varieties such as jasmine arrive from Bengaluru and a few including Oriental and Asiatic lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums are imported from countries such as Thailand.




Most of the vendors here live in small makeshift homes within the market and are engrossed in making floral arrangements and bouquets which are of great demand especially during festivals and other religious occasions.



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