[WORLDKINGS] Top 100 famous Artworks in the World - P10. Girl with a Pearl Earring : painting of Johannes Vermeer(Nederland).


(WorldKings.org – Aseanrecords.world) - Some of the best-loved paintings in the world present themselves as a mystery. Being compared with Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring has gotten a lot of international attention. Who is the model and why has she been painted? What is she thinking as she looks at us? Are her wide eyes and enigmatic half-smile innocent or perhaps seductive? And last, why is she wearing a pearl earring?

Girl With a Pearl Earring tells the story of Griet, a 16-year-old girl who becomes a maid in the house of the painter Johannes Vermeer. Her calm and perceptive manner not only helps her in her household duties, but also attracts the painter’s attention. Vermeer slowly draws her into the world of his paintings.





The novel is written by Tracy Chevalier and is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination, and Chevalier has expressed that the idea for this novel came easily. Chevalier’s imagination adds life to an already brilliant painting. Little is actually known about Vermeer and the girl in the painting, but Tracy Chevalier has given us a believable option. Personally, the novel creates a mysterious undertone, but at the same time it is very detailed. Therefore, I really think that this version or story could be true because I find it credible.



The girl in the painting has the same mysterious essence like Mona Lisa, and we can find both paintings confusing. After reading the novel I would say that her life is a confusing affair. She is separated from her family, working hard as a maid – being subdued by her new family. She is secretly in love with her master, but however, attracts other men which she does not like. At some point in the novel Griet’s hopes could be a lifetime in the studio together with Mr Vermeer, and the look she sends us is a look of passion. Her desires are dynamic. Thinking that I do not know who she is, not being Griet from the novel, I cannot guess what her hopes and aspirations are. All humans in the world search for something better, and a lifetime of experiences and thoughts might be passing through her mind while sitting there.



According to www.tchevalier.com


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