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(WorldKings.org) Tourism in Phu Yen has been awakening recently and rapidly increased due to its numerous tremendous natural and historical sights. However, there is an island located in the North of Vung Ro Bay had been almost forgotten. It is Hon Nua Island – an island with a height of 105 meters from the sea level and lies isolated on the sea border between Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen.

If you go on Ca pass (Deo Ca), you should stop for a while to observe the miracle. You will see one side is precipitous cliffs, one side is turquoise Vung Ro Bay embraced the pass. If you continue to look more carefully, you will realize a small island like a pea in the North of Vung Ro. That is Hon Nua Island, one of the unusual unadulterated natural scenery that is still remained even it is several kilometers apart from the shore.

Hon Nua has an extraordinary topography with high arc-shaped cliffs that look like they want to embrace the golden sand. The immense turquoise seawater surrounds huge, mighty, rough, and majestic mountains.

The seawater here is crystal clear because tourism has not developed and the island is still free from pollution. You can happily soak your bodies in the cool water, have a great time with friends in an extraordinarily epical and pristine scenery.

You can enjoy the bucolic pleasures such as fishing. You can peacefully sit on those undulating cliffs and do some sightseeing while waiting for fishes to eat the bait. With the bumper fresh fishes you have just caught, together with some sea urchins, it's enough for you to have a small BBQ seafood party right on the beach. You can build a campfire and pretend to be the true Robinson on a deserted island.

However, in case you can’t fish anything, you can stop by Dai Lanh market to buy some seafood on the way. Phu Yen seafood is cheap, various and super delicious.

Unlike the serene scenery in the south, the north side of Hon Nua is high steep cliffs, so sharp that they can “cut” the blue sky into pieces. You can easily catch the sight of swift nesting. In addition, you can watch people from Khanh Hoa edible bird’s nest company taking care of the birds.

Around Hon Nua, there are also many alluring islets. If possible, you can rent a boat and paddle around the enclosing islets to observe. If you stay on Hon Nua for one night, you ought to see sunrise and sunset scenery. Those moments will be frozen in your mind forever because of the pure, primitive but hypnotizing view of the island. 

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