[WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 People with Real-Life Superpowers


(worldkings.org) You won't believe the superpowered feats these real men and women have pulled off.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Top World – Top 5 longest city names in the world


    (worldkings.org) Cities and towns can attract attention for all kinds of reasons, including beautiful surrounding landscapes, exciting attractions, and intriguing culture. But some municipalities get noticed simply for having unique and eye-catching names! Some city names are so long that most people can hardly even pronounce them, let alone spell them correctly. Today, let’s look at 5 of the longest city, town, and village names in the world and rank each municipality according to how many characters are in its name.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 most expensive digital artworks


    (worldkings.org) The crypto community is more than eager to invest in NFTs such as unique digital assets, songs, images, collectibles, GIFs, or Memes. More so, they are voraciously buying various non-fungible tokens creating a new form of digital assets industry from the last few months. Just in February, there are more than $300 million in sales, and the NFT marketplaces are surely making a huge profit on top of other people’s work. Even newer platforms are gaining massive traction from selling these NFTs. This is the top 5 most expensive NFTs in the world.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy - Top 5 Amazing Ocean Mysteries and Phenomena


    (worldkings.org) The oceans contain great mysteries within their depths. While many of these mysteries have been explained by scientists and analysts, there are still quite a few unexplained oceanic enigmas that intrigue us. A variety of mysterious ocean phenomena have been seen and experienced by sailors around the world.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 most promising careers for Gen Z


    (worldkings.org) For today's Generation Z workforce, endless job possibilities exist. When their grandparents were asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", their answers didn't vary much. Teacher. Doctor. Firefighter. Careers along those lines. But thanks to technological advancements in everything from streaming services to solar power, Gen Zers have a lot more jobs open to them.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 largest diamond mining companies in the world


    (worldKings.org) The vast majority of mining for the precious metal – up to 99% – is conducted in nine countries, with the world’s top five diamond mining nations being Russia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Australia and Canada. Just these five contribute to more than 60% of the world’s diamond production.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 Cool Underground Science Labs


    (Worldkings.org) Studies of the universe and its makeup generally conjure images of astronomers at telescopes, peering up at the galaxies, nebulas and stars scattered across the night sky. But to understand the decidedly less visible, but very important, parts of the universe, such as neutrinos and dark matter, scientists have to take a different approach — namely, by going underground. Of course, it is somewhat complicated to get underground, so scientists how have to get creative. Sometimes researchers work in repurposed mines. Others are required to drill big tunnels themselves to run particle accelerators or study nuclear fuel disposal. These are Top 5 Coolest Underground Science Labs.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 coolest labs from around the world


    (worldkings.org) These are the top 5 coolest labs from around the world you should know.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Tops Academy – Top 5 weirdest deserts on the Earth


    (worldkings.org) Endless sands, a debilitating heat, occasionally running through lizards, branches of trees carried by the wind, and dry plants are typical for these places. What interesting things you can see in a desert? These are top 5 weirdest deserts on the Earth.

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    [WORLDKINGS] World Top Academy – Top 5 weird and wonderful forest on planet


    (worldkings.org) In the spirit of the unusual, here are a few of the most amazing earthbound trees and forests you’ll want to believe in.

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