(Worldkings) Top 100 treasures of the world - P75. Shah Diamond, Russia.


(Worldkings.org) - The Shah Diamond was found at the Golconda mines in what is now Andhra Pradesh, Central India, probably in 1450, and it is currently held in the Moscow Kremlin.

The Shah Diamond is not of the first water, since it has a yellowish tinge due to a little iron oxide at the surface. It is said to have originally weighed 95 carat, and that it lost 9 carats when being cut. Its present weight is 88.7 carats (18 g). It is an elongated octahedron, the eight original faces of which have been replaced by fifteen facets.



It is often described as the shape of a coffin. The cut of the diamond is technically called a lasque cut; typical of Indian diamonds. A groove has been cut round the stone to accommodate the thread by which it was formerly worn round the neck. Its most remarkable feature is that on three of its original faces the names of three of the rulers who owned it have been engraved in Persian, along with the Hijrī year.

It does not rank as one of the top diamonds of the world in beauty or size, but the inscriptions on it testify to its history and provenance.

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