(Worldkings) Top 100 treasures of the world- P35. $1,65 Million Chess Set Inspired by History


(Worldkings.org) - ​If ever thought that a chess set would be the last thing that can actually surprise you, you’re about to change your mind. A New Orleans-based antique dealer M. S. Rau Antiques has recently put on their website a The Battle of Issues Chess Set that looks like it’s been taken out of the fantasy novel.

Each set piece is created from 14k gold and is decorated with precious stones and the name of the set is the name of the actual battle between the League of Corinth and the Persian Army and each piece represents an actual figure from the battle. Alexander the Great takes the place of the Greek king, and the queen is represented by Athena, the Greek goddess of war and wisdom while the other king Darius III is accompanied by the winged Persian god of war Verethragna.


Greek bishops are represented by warships, while battle-ready elephants stand for the Persian bishops. The castles are represented by columned temples of ancient Greece and Persepolis, and the pawns on both sides are played by foot soldiers.Image result for ceramicThe set is very detailed, the sides of the board are formed from pure silver while the entire chess board sits atop a mahogany and leather-topped table, and comes with a pair of 19th-century leather upholstered chairs. If it wasn’t enough, each figure stands on a solid pink rhodonite (Greek side) or green malachite (Persian side) base.


The seller says that the entire set has been 10 years in the making, which is not surprising for such a magnificent and unique creation that leaves you breathless.

Thu Phuong (collect ) - WORLD RECORDS UNION - WORLDKINGS ( source of photo : internet )

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