(Worldkings) Top 100 famous products of ASEAN - P38. Pataya Food Industries Limited( Thailand) with leading stapled product Nautilus brand of Southeast Asia,


(Worldkings.org) - Pataya Food Industries Limited was founded in 1979 on the principle that ‘consistent quality assures success'.



The company's dedication to achieving high quality is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process and can be fully appreciated in its products. This commitment to quality has become recognized internationally.



They have four marketing centers in Thailand, Vietnam, France and China. These are the main channels of distribution for the company's ‘Nautilus' brand. Their marketing centers are fully backed up by their manufacturing plants in Thailand and Vietnam.



Apart from their brands; Nautilus, Sea crown, Mongkut Talay and Lilly, their OEM business has also developed into supplying the best quality of products. Their customers represent the best and most recognizable brands, in each market they supply into. 

According to www.patayafood.com

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