(Worldkings) Top 100 famous products of ASEAN - (P28) - Irvin’s Salted Egg (Singapore) - famous company known for their addictive salted egg flavoured snacks.


(Worldkings.org) - Irvin’s Salted Egg is a Singapore based company known for their addictive salted egg flavoured snacks like potato chips and fish skin. Irvin Gunawan, a restaurant owner that obtained a salted egg sauce recipe from his Malaysian chef, created the business.



In 2014, Irvin Gunawan impulsively decided to coat fried potato chips in the delicious salted egg sauce and sell them to customers. Today, the demand for Irvin’s Salted Egg has not diminished, with long queues expected at every Irvin’s pop-up store despite the limited quantity available.


The homemade snacks have become a national snack due to their incredibly fragrant aroma and generous salted egg yolk seasoning. 



By using only the best ingredients and ensuring that no preservatives were added during the production process, Irvin’s Salted Egg lives up to the quality it is known for having despite the increasing demand. 



Tourists looking to bring home a delicious souvenir should undoubtedly consider purchasing a packet of salted egg potato chips or fish skin. Locals travelling overseas should also think about bringing an Irvin’s Salted Egg product along to keep the homesickness at bay.

According to www.ishopchangi.com

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