WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – September 30, 2019 - DeathPlugs: The Nose Filter Protect From The Worlds Worst Odor!


( Protect your nose from the worst odors in the world with the DeathPlugs Disposable Filtering Nose Plug. Easy to place and comfortable to wear, these innovative nose plugs effectively guard your nose against everything from the disgusting to the putrid. They use activated charcoal foam to filter out bad odors and remove them from the air you breathe. This material, DeathPlugs are exceptionally lightweight and remain comfortable in place. In fact, they even conform to the shape of your nostrils, ensuring the perfect fit every time. Likewise, the slim form factor keeps the DeathPlugs discrete, unlike a traditional face mask. DeathPlugs come in packaged units with three plugs per pack. That's neatly right?

DeathPlugs are an innovative nose filter which block unpleasant odors utilizing breathable, activated charcoal-infused foam to guard against smelly situations so you can stay focused on the job. DeathPlugs are designed using supremely soft foam that is dense yet comfortable, forming to the shape of your nostrils and providing a sufficient barrier between your senses and the odors around you. These easy-to-use, disposable nasal plugs provide an effective solution to life's most unpleasant odors.

The 'DeathPlugs' disposable nose plugs are a comfortable accessory for those who work in areas with unpleasant odors or others who are sensitive to the smells of dirty environments. Fitting discreetly into the nose, the plugs will work immediately to block out odors thanks to a secure design that will filter out smells before they can make it to your receptors. Charcoal is integrated into the plugs to neutralize smells and allow the wearer to easily work around unpleasant odors for long periods of time.

Features of DeathPlug:

* Sleek, Portable design
* Uses filter foam for the filtration process
* Tested with real law enforcement situations
* Highly useful for surgeons during major operations
* Hele the people who do caregiving jobs

The 'DeathPlugs' disposable nose plugs are perfect for those who work in fields that are notorious for being smelly such as garbage collection, plumbing and much more. The nose plugs are also ideal for everyday use when commuting in urban areas, attending festivals and more. These nasal plugs are unique: The company has designed them using supremely soft foam that is dense yet comfortable, forming to the shape of your nostrils and providing a sufficient barrier between your senses and the odors around you. The nasal filter is also infused with activated charcoal, which is known for its filtration properties. Additionally, the nasal plugs are discrete in appearance, allowing for more personal interactions that would otherwise be inhibited by a large face mask. Overall, they are an innovative solution to a simple problem, intended to be that quick and effective fix so many workers need when faced with a stinky situation.

Millions of people around the world have jobs that involve dealing with unpleasant smells every day, and plenty of these jobs are critical to maintaining public health and safety. However, these jobs come in all categories and can be found in the most ordinary places—think of new parents, social workers, and veterinarians. Bad smells are all around us and can sometimes affect how we perform, whether it’s tending to a crime scene, that's where DeadPlugs comes in! Gone are the days of stuffing tissues up your nose, wearing obstructive masks, or using uncomfortable nose clips. There’s a much simpler way to banish bad smells, and it comes in the form of a small foam nose filter.

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