WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – October 04, 2019 - HUNT23 | The World's Coolest Multi-Function Flashlight


( Light your way. Open anything. HUNT23 is a tiny, ultra-lightweight multi-use EDC titanium flashlight that fits on your keyring.

The HUNT23 is a tiny, ultra-lightweight titanium flashlight that fixes to your keyring. With a flashlight on one end and a tiny pry bar on the other, they combine into one essential tool. 

Open things. Light your way. HUNT23 is a simple, helpful keyring tool that’s always there when you need it, and won’t get in the way when you don’t.

Why you love it
HUNT23 provides a beautiful balance between minimalist style and maximum usability, in one tiny package. Just stick it on your keychain and away you go. 

Hate walking home in the dark? Can’t find your phone? HUNT23 is always there to light your way.

Tool functions
Sick of looking around for a bottle opener? Got a loose screw that’s bugging you? The tiny pry bar has you sorted.  

If you’re after a simple, brilliant multi-use EDC tool that’s always there when you need it, HUNT23 is the tool for you. 

HUNT23 is the toughest and smallest flashlight you've ever seen; finger-sized yet with maximum durability and the strongest light beam in any product this size. 

Testing has proven that our flashlight is virtually indestructible. It's definitely a LIFETIME use body!  

Two led color options.

Light your path and find what you need with HUNT23’s brilliant white light.

The UV light option allows you to explore the hidden world. Keep safety top-of-mind and always be aware of your surroundings. Fingerprints, hidden stains, or secret messages in books will all become illuminated.

According to kickstarter

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