WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – November 29, 2019 - Sleepytroll automatically rocks the cradle


( For parents who don't wish to repeatedly get up in the night and rock their fussing infant back to sleep, there's already at least one sensor-equipped baby bed that does the job for them. Sleepytroll, however, takes a different approach – it gets attached to existing strollers or beds, rocking them when it detects a waking baby.

Created by Norwegian entrepreneur Ståle Flataker, Sleepytroll is attached via a ratcheting ladder strap, and then proceeds to monitor the sleeping infant using a microphone and a motion sensor. When it detects the baby-sounds or movements associated with waking, it activates an integrated flywheel to get itself and everything else gently rocking. In order to keep the child from becoming dependent on the rocking motion, it automatically stops after three minutes.


Users can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors based on the size and weight of the stroller/bed, and on their infant's behaviour. They can also choose between three rocking speeds, plus they can manually activate the rocking motion, which will cease after half an hour.


All this being said, Flataker emphasizes that his device is not made to replace hands-on baby care, but is instead intended simply for "getting the rest you need to be a good parent."


If you're cool with that, and wish to get a Sleepytroll of you own, you can do so through its current Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of NOK 599 (about US$72) will get you one, if everything goes according to plan. We're told that the retail price should somewhere in the neighbourhood of NOK 1,500 ($180).

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