Unique architectural constructions around the world (P.77) - Wolfartsweier Kindergarten: The cute cat-shaped school in Germany


(WorldKings.org) Children attending this kitty-kindergarten must be thrilled to go every day, learn and play in a building with that extraordinary shape.

Topped by a green fur-like roof, the metal and concrete feline sits looking at every kid come in through its mouth every morning, as if they were being eaten. Its big round eyes are actually windows that flood its two-levels with plenty of natural light.

Constructed in 2011 and designed by Tomi Ungerer and Ayla Suzan Yöndel, the cat building includes a door for a mouth below a whisker-lined nose, windows for eyes, and a classroom in its belly. For added fun, kids can even ride down its tail that doubles as a slide.

In terms of architecture that inspires a playful imagination, the Kindergarten Wolfartsweier is remarkable for its embrace of an alternative, animalistic design for what a school can be.

The cat’s belly shelters a coatroom, a dining room, a kitchen and classrooms with colorful drawings made by the kids hanging on its walls. Its paws are play areas for the tots, and on the upper level, a playroom allows kids to peek outside through the cat’s giant eyes. Behind the cat’s back, it’s obviously its tail, made from a steel tube slide from where the kids can come out!

According to atlasobscura.com and inhabitat.com

Mihan (Collect and edit) (World Records Union - WorldKings.org)


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