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( WhatsOnFlix is an independent Netflix companion app developed by Zeemo that helps you discover, search and filter Netflix entertainment “trends”. Personalize your watch and get rid of the mess of streaming Netflix catalogs in your favorite entertainment bucket.

Netflix is the largest streaming service in the world. Every day, millions of people visit Netflix to enjoy Netflix’s top shows, a popular season on Netflix. With over 13,900 titles and a busy daily schedule, it’s hard to choose “what to see” from the pool.

Netflix has created another tab named “Coming Soon”, but it’s very confusing and very large in size. Streaming specific content that you like is very difficult for just-released users.

This is where the WhatsOnFlix app works. This app will help you find the best movies to watch on Netflix, the best shows, complete information, explanations, ratings, trailers and documentation with direct links to watch on Netflix.

Netflix, an on-demand app, has made recent changes to its algorithms. Netflix only promotes the original in the “New” section, and the title remains “New” for several months. It also does not notify you that it will expire soon. The WhatsOnFlix app is a boon here, showing you what to look for next and what will soon expire.

The WhatsOnFlix app enhances the Netflix experience by letting users know what’s really up to date and what’s coming soon. The app provides an improved search engine and filters so that users don’t miss the title they wanted to see.

In addition, you’ll find details about all Netflix shows and movies, including editorials on Netflix content, new trailers, episode reviews, previews, and podcasts. 

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