Top 100 largest Expo in the world - P51. Comiket (Japan): The show for for anime and manga lovers all over the world


( Comiket is held twice yearly, in August and December. These are typically referred to as NatsuComiand FuyuComi, contractions of Summer Comiket and Winter Comiket respectively.

Comiket, which is short for Comic Market, is the world’s largest fair for dojinshi (self-published manga). Because of their scarcity, goods found at Comiket are highly coveted by collectors. Corporate vendors do attend Comiket but the main allure is the 30,000 independent sellers.

A grassroots market focused on the sale of doujin (self-published) works, Comiket is a not-for-profit event administered by the volunteer-run Comic Market Preparatory Committee (ComiketPC). Inaugurated on 21 December 1975, with an estimated 700 attendees, the convention has since grown to become the largest fan convention in the world, with an estimated attendance of over half a million.



Biannually, more than 500,000 attendees, many of them suited up in their favorite cosplay, gather at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba to share their passion for anime, manga, and video games.

For many, Comiket starts before dawn in an attempt to acquire rare treasures. The moment you enter the convention, panic emerges as you struggle to get your bearings. Countless tables stacked with a plethora of items exclusive to Comiket crowd the convention center.



Because of the extremely high volume of attendance at Comiket, mobile phone companies set up temporary antennas, while the Tokyo Metro makes special arrangements to accommodate the large crowds. Hour-long queues to enter Comiket during peak hours are common, while some attendees queue up to five hours before the event to ensure early admission.

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