Top 100 business founders in the World No.35: Leonardo del Vecchio- Luxottica Group S.P.A


(Worldkings)Leonardo Del Vecchio (born 22 May 1935 in Milan, Italy) is an Italian businessman, founder and chairman of Luxottica. The group is the biggest producer and seller of glasses and lenses in the World.

1935: Leonardo Del Vecchio was born in Milan as an orphan, he began his career as a tool and die maker apprentice

1961: move to Argodo, 1967 began to sell complete eyeglass frames under luxottica brand and proved successful, and then in 1971 he ended the contract manufacturing business.

1974: acquire Scarrone, a distribution company, 1981, set up its first international subsidiary at Germany, 1988, licensing deals with the Armani.

1990: listed in New York and then in Milan in 2000, S/P in 2003and this enhance the company’s ability to acquire other brands

1990: acquire Vogue, Persol in 1995, Ray-Ban in 1999, Sunglass Hut Inc. in 2001 and looking for more retail company such as OPSM in 2003, Pearle Vision in 2004, Cole National in the same year, Surfeyes in 2006 and the most recent is Oakley in 2007.

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