Top 100 business founders in the World No.16: Gerard Phillips- The Phillips Company


(Worldkings)Gerard Leonardo Frederik Philips (9 October 1858 – 26 January 1942) was a Dutch industrialist, co-founder (with his father Frederik Philips) of the Philips Company as a family business in 1891. Gerard and his younger brother Anton Philips changed the business to a corporation by founding in 1912 the NV Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken. As the first CEO of the Philips corporation, Gerard laid with Anton the base for the later Philips multinational.

1858: Gerard Leonardo Frederik Phillips was born in Zalthommel, Netherland.

1883: travelled to Glasgow, spent a year in a laboratory of the Physicist William Thomson.

1891: Gerard Philips co-established the Philips & Company with his father, Frederik Phillips

1912: he founded Philips Corporation with his brother, Anton Phillips

1922: retired, and his younger brother, Anton Phillips replaced him as the Chairman

1920-1939: introduce new products such as Vaccum Tubes and Electric Razor.

1940-1945: fled to US to get rid off Nazis

1942: died at the age of 84

1945: came back to Netherland, 1949-1972: produced new products such as Television set, radio.

1982: The corporations launched Compact Disc (cooperated with Sony), 1991: changed the name of the company to Philips Electronic NV.

2000: bought Optiva, and then from 2000-2011: expanded to semiconductor division and become stronger through the M&A.

2011-now: become Royal Philips N.V.

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