The Journey to promote the Gastronomic Value of the World: Polish cuisine


(Worldkings) Polish cuisine is the mix between Italian, Frech and Slavs Cuisine. Thus, the dishes here are processed with a lot of spices and complication.

1. Pierogi

Pierogi (

Pierogi (aka "the Polish dumpling") is a dumbling made from dough rolled into the thin layers with stuffing inside. You are freely to choose what stuffing you like such as meat, mushroom, sour vegetable, seasonal fruit (strawberry, cherry,...etc), buckwheat, cottage cheese or boiled potato and fried onion. Pierogi is the traditional dish in Poland and are enjoyed during the Christmas Eve occation.

2. Rosol

Rosol (

Rosól or chicken soup is the most popular soup in Poland. The Polish people think that it will be so wonderful if they can enjoy a bottle of hot Rosol soup after the ceremony in the Church on Sunday and in the winter season. This soup is processed simply and fastly with the main ingredients include the water, chicken meat, onion, leek, cabbage, salt and pepper eated with soft noodle made at home.

3. Kotlet Schabowy

Kotlet Schabowy (

Kotlet Schabowy is one of the most delicious and oldest meals of Poland. This kotlet will be covered by the crushed bread outside and then fried. This meal will become more perfect if using with the potato mixed with butter and sald (cabbage, carrot and green peas). And if you don't like pork, you shouldn't hesistate to try to process it with chicken meat, the taste of the meal will not disppoint you.

4. Galaretka

Galaretka (

Galaretka is made from a part of pig such as trotters, the meat from pig's head, skin of pork and it is spinkle with a little bit of lemon or vinegar. To decorate for the dish, the chef always add some vegetable, green bean or boiled egg. The main part in making that dish is cooking the bouillon. The bouillon is made from the pork with a little bit of herb and then add some gelatin flour to make it condensed at particlar level.

5. Krowki


This is a candy that become most populatr in Poland and was sold all around the world. In commercial aspect, there are many brands of Krowki were founded. Most of the Candies are covered in the white wrap paper with the image of Holstein Beef. This candy is famous all around the Europe before the end of the Cold War. The main ingredient of the Candy are milk, sugar, butter, cream and vanilla. Sometime they can be changed in flavour by using chocolate, coffee or soya milk. Just need the thing in the ingredient and a pan, you can make the krowki candy at home by yourself.


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