Are these the most daring tourists EVER?


(WorldKings) Stomach-churning photos capture everything from camping on cliff faces to skiing off vertical mountains

Dangling nonchalantly over the edge of cliffs and skiing down vertical drops - these are hardly your average holiday snaps.

But there are travellers who need to push the boat out just that little further when it comes to making memories that count.

Some of these photos capture explorers who have pitched their tents to the sides of staggeringly high rock faces in locations including California's Yosemite National Park and Canada's Baffin Island - and they all look confoudingly relaxed about it.

Others see cyclists teetering just inches from the edge of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, snaking along narrow trails perched 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Again, looking at their faces alone you'd think they were meandering through a nice park. 

And then there are the young daredevils in urban regions from Brighton to Hong Kong who get their kicks out of scaling skysrapers with no safety gear and posing for truly heart-stopping snaps to prove their bravery.

In a catalogue of images that will leave your heart in your throat, MailOnline Travel presents the most outrageously extreme stunts of all time. 

Piece of cake: Eskil Ronningsbakken, an extreme stuntman from Norway, travels the world pulling off risky displays like this one, in which he balances over the edge of a cliff on a unicycle


Must you really? Kayakers Steve Fisher, 37, Dale Jardine, 33, both from South Africa, and Sam Drevo, 33, from the US, peer over the edge of Zambia's Victoria Falls - the largest waterfall in the world


Don't wobble: The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, towering 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, offer some of the most dangerous bike trails in the world


Wood you? Two climbers clamber up a breathtaking 750-year-old sequoia tree in California - and at least in this case they're wearing helmets


Sorry, mum! A member of the 'Storror group' of teen daredevils who scale buildings in Brighton without any safety gear


But how? This brazen human appears to have no climbing gear and has seemingly shuffled his way to this spot for what is at least a highly rewarding view of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains


Stomach lurch: Ukrainian daredevil Vitaliy Raskalov, 24, climbed to death-defying heights to take this vertigo-inducing snap from the tip of a skyscraper looking down on Hong Kong


Above the clouds: China's Coiling Dragon Cliff walkway opened in 2016 on Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie - a 330ft-long path along the mountainside which is is just 5ft wide, giving tourists a clear view of the plunging valley beneath




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