Dao Xuan Tinh with Largest collection of Peugeot bikes in the world


(WorldKings.org) Collector Dao Xuan Tinh (born on February 1, 1959) currently lives and works in Long Bien District, Hanoi. As a son of Hanoi, he has a strong passion and is always fascinated by the Peugeot's old bikes from the French manufacturers.

Currently, this collection has reached 128 bikes. The most special thing is that the Peugeot bikes in the collection are completely manufactured in the Republic of France before 1992.

In particular, there are many pairs of men’s and women’s bikes with same model year, same colour and same production date that have been searched, bought and auctioned by Mr. Dao Xuan Tinh for over 20 years.

Dr.Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury - Vice-Chairman of World Records Union conferred world record certificate on Mr.Dao Xuan Tinh (the second from the right side)

In the Peugeot bikes collection of Dao Xuan Tinh, all spare parts and accessories were manufactured and assembled in the Republic of France (before 1992), because afterward,  Peugeot bike company imported parts from other countries.

Mr.Dao Xuan Tinh and his wife are riding Peugeot bikes

Jenny (editor) - World Records Union - WorldKings

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