'Snowstorm' personal flying machine lifts off in Singapore


(Worldkings)'Snowstorm' was built by students from the National University of Singapore.

This electric-powered aircraft, designed and built by a group of students from the National University of Singapore, can be controlled by a human pilot and is capable of a vertical takeoff and landing. Snowstorm was created as part of an engineering project called FW Air: Electric Aviation, which aims to turn the fantasy of flying cars into reality.

Currently, the prototype is able to stay above ground for roughly five minutes at a time, while the flight control system lets the pilot adjust Snowstorm's thrust, pitch, roll and its swerve. "The toughest part of this engineering challenge was ensuring a good thrust to weight ratio to allow the craft to lift a person into the air," said Shawn Sim, a student involved with the program. "In some instances, we even 3D-printed parts, such as our landing gear mount, just so we can have a customized and optimal fit."

Le Minh- Worldkings.org (source: engadget.com)


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