These Photos Will Make You See Sydney's Beaches Differently


(WorldKings) We all need a little perspective.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, there's a high chance you've swum at Monavale Beach pool on Sydney's northern beaches.

But you probably have not have seen it from up here.

The man behind the photo is 20-year-old photographer Gabriel Scanu, from Sydney.

"My father is a cinematographer so I've been surrounded by photography from a young age. I started shooting when I was 12," Scanu told The Huffington Post Australia.


In the last 18 months, Scanu has been exploring landscape photography of a different kind -- using Instagram as his platform of choice.

"As soon as drones started becoming more accessible, I jumped on them and began experimenting. I had never really explored photography through social media before so that's why I think it really took off," Scanu said.


Now with over 191,000 followers on Instagram, Scanu's aerial photography has taken him across the world, from San Francisco to the Swiss Alps -- all the while landing back home above his most prized coastal landscapes.


"For me, water is my favourite element to shoot -- particularly when it is mixed with other elements or if it is against another landscape," Scanu said.

"Water is constantly changing depending on the time of day or tide, so it's different every single time you shoot."

With his first exhibition approaching in Sydney, Scanu is looking to evolve his practice.

"I'm off to Los Angeles, and to Europe after that. There's plenty of different stuff to come, so stay tuned."



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