WORLDKINGS –Daily Highlighs – January 1st , 2018 - This Indonesian company turns seaweed into edible and biodegradable packaging.


(Worldkings.org) One potential solution to the massive plastic pollution problem could come from Evoware, which makes seaweed-based packaging that is not only 100% biodegradable, but is edible as well.

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    Happy Independence Day Of Cameroon


    (Worldkings.org) Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon ,is a country in Central Africa.

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    Happy Independence Day Of Brunei


    (Worldkings.org) Brunei officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia.

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    WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - December 31, 2017 - Somehow, the Geekey squeezes 16 different tools into a single key design.


    (Worldkings.org) A good multitool can be a handy item to have with you at all times, allowing you to quickly and easily tighten screws, cut wires, or even just open bottles and cans. But many modern multitools have gotten so bulky that they no longer fit comfortably in a pocket, which takes away some of the convenience. That is not the case with a new product that recently launched on Indiegogo that manages to pack a surprising amount of functionality into a tool that can easily fit onto your keychain.

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    WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - December 31, 2017 - Sophia brings connected technology to the skipping rope.


    (Worldkings.org) In some products, connected features seem forced. One place that they really make sense is in fitness, where the ability to track data can actually make a noticeable difference in performance. A new entry into that space is called Sophia, and it brings smart feLike other devices in the smart fitness market, Sophia wirelessly connects to a user's smartphone and has a companion application that lets the user go back and look at their performance. Users can see all kinds of data through the app, including calories burned, number of jumps, and fitness goals.

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    [WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlighhs - December 30, 2017 - New Replacement Heart Valve Grows as Child Gets Older.


    (Worldkings.org) Children born with congenital heart valve defects number in the thousands each year, yet there are simply no artificial cardiac valves available that were designed specifically for babies. Multiple heart surgeries have to be performed as the child outgrows successive implants. In addition, since the devices were never intended for children, they often have to be modified in the OR and sometimes they fail, leading to additional surgeries

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    [WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlighhs - December 30, 2017 - Trocadero’s unfixed fixie: The bicycle with the twisting frame.


    (Worldkings.org) There's absolutely no practical thinking behind this wacky bicycle, and … that's kind of okay with us. The Trocadero Fixie looks like a regular pushbike until you pull a pin that unlocks the main frame downtube, allowing the bike to twist in the middle and put the wheels wildly out of alignment with one another. Why? Because it looks absolutely bizarre.

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    [WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlighs - December 29, 2017 - Keep your voice in a pot, pour it out when you're done


    (Worldkings.org) There are some big booths on display on the floor of the trade show at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, but in a quiet (relatively speaking, of course) corner of the show two graduate students from the University of Tokyo and Hosei Univeristy are showing off a sweet little piece of technology. Called Otopot, the device lets you store and then pour away your voice like water.

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    [WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlighs - December 29, 2017 - Door pads kill germs where they're spread.


    (Worldkings.org) Look around any hospital, and you'll see plenty of hand-sanitizer dispensers. Unfortunately, not everyone uses them, and their germs can spread rapidly on commonly-touched surfaces such as door handles. With that in mind, a University of Leeds spinoff company has created bacteria-killing door pads.

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    [WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlighs - December 28, 2017 - New 3D printer will combine all your medications in one personalized pill.


    (Worldkings.org) We increasingly live in an age of personalized health care, where treatment can be tailored to suit individuals on a person-by-person basis. A new 3D printer aims to add another piece to this puzzle, by giving pharmacies the ability to quickly and easily produce custom doses of drugs for patients, based on their specific needs. That means that instead of patients on lots of medication having to remember to take three of one pill, two of another and so on, they could instead receive their required doses in vastly simplified form.

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