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(WorldKings.org) The South China Morning Post (SCMP), with its Sunday edition, the Sunday Morning Post, is a Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper founded in 1903. It is Hong Kong's newspaper of record, owned by Alibaba Group.



Anti-Qing revolutionary Tse Tsan-tai and British journalist Alfred Cunningham founded the South China Morning Post in 1903, publishing its first issue on 6 November 1903. It changed its name from the South Qing Morning Post to the South China Morning Post in 1913, a year after the Republic of China was founded.



Early editorials were mainly written by British journalists, such as Cunningham, Douglas Story and Thomas Petrie, while Tse attracted business to the newspaper. In 1904, the newspaper's circulation was 300 copies.

After the Second World War, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) bought majority shares in the newspaper. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in November 1971 but was privatized again in 1987 after being bought by the News Corporation in 1986. SCMP relisted in 1990.



For most of the 1990s, the SCMP was the world's most profitable newspaper. By 1993, the SCMP's daily circulation exceeded 100,000 and posted profits of HK$586 million (US$75.6 million) from mid-1992 to mid-1993.

In September 1993, Murdoch , CEO of News Corporation, was in negotiations to sell his 50 per cent interest in the SCMP as part of a scheme to increase the News Corporation's investments in the Asian electronic media industry. News Corporation then announced that it would sell 34.9 per cent stake — a controlling interest — for US$375 million to Kerry Media owned by Malaysian businessman Robert Kuok. On 5 April 2016, Alibaba Group acquired the media properties of the SCMP Group, including the SCMP.



The newspaper's circulation has been relatively stable for years—the average daily circulation stood at 100,000 in 2016. In a 2019 survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the SCMP was regarded as the most credible paid newspaper in Hong Kong.

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