WORLDKINGS - On This Day – December 02 , 2018 - A Patent For Home Security System Utilizing Television Surveillance Was Granted To Marie V.B. Brown, in 1969


( On December 2, 1969, a patent for home security system utilizing television surveillance was granted to Marie V.B. Brown.

Marie Van Brittan Brown (October 30, 1922 – February 2, 1999) invented the home security system (patent number 3,482,037) in 1966, along with her husband Albert Brown. The patent was granted in 1969. Brown was born in Queens, New York; she died there at age 76.

Brown’s system had a set of 4 peep holes and a camera that could slide up and down to look at each one. Anything and everything the camera picked up would appear on a monitor. Also, a resident could unlatch the door by remote control.

The system included a device that enabled a homeowner to use a television set to view the person at the door and hear the caller’s voice.

According to wikipedia

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