WORLDKINGS - Old Events - June 08, 2018 - Hollerith applies for punch card counting machine patent in 1887


( On June 8, 1887, Herman Hollerith applied for US patent #395,781 for his punch card counting machine, a device considered to be among the foundations of the modern information processing industry and one that would, in part, lead to the formation of IBM.

Herman Hollerith 


Based on the idea that data could be coded numerically, the machine tabulates statistics from millions of pieces of data using electrical connections to trigger a counter, recording information.



Hollerith built the device (photo), dubbed an electric tabulating system, under contract for the Census Office. The machines were used to tabulate the 1890 census in only one year, versus the eight years the 1880 census had taken to tabulate. 





With the machine’s growing success, Hollerith started his own business in 1896, the Tabulating Machine Company. In 1911 four corporations, including Hollerith's company, merged to form the Computing Tabulating Recording Corp. In 1924, Computing Tabulating Recording was renamed International Business Machines Corp, better known as IBM today.



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