WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights - June 06 , 2018 - This Poster Dissolves To Kill Mosquito Larvae


( Outdoor campaign both informs the community and emits larvicide


In Brazil, NGO Habitat for Humanity is using advertising to fight against mosquito-borne diseases, with a poster that dissolves during rain to emit an insecticide that kills mosquito larvae.



BETC Sao Paulo developed the poster, which is specfically designed to help against outbreaks of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, the carrier of such harmful diseases such as Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya.



It uses an environmentally-friendly larvicide applied on soluble rice-paper sheets with an organic glue. The poster informs the community about the dangers of mosquitoes with educational messages but on rainy days it performed another function, with water releasing the larvicide. Standing water therefore becomes a mosquito-killing trap, with one poster capable of treating 200 litres of water and lasting up to 60 days.



Habitat for Humanity is running the campaign in Brazil, but is hoping to roll out the technology to other countries affected by mosquito-borne disease.

According to creativity-online

Van Nguyen (collect ) - WORLD RECORDS UNION - WORLDKINGS ( source of photo : internet )


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