WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - March 11, 2018 - Pillo Automated Pill Dispenser and Personal Assistant


( Things are getting pretty cute in the field of personal health. Case in point is the Pillo, an all-in-one pill dispenser, personal digital assistant, and communication device.

It seems to be a mix between an automated pill dispenser, that can prepare the correct dose of multiple drugs on a personalized schedule, an Amazon Alexa-like voice-based assistant, and a screen that lets one see one’s health schedule, make video calls, and receive personalized information.

The device comes with an accompanying smartphone app that lets you or your healthcare provider program your pill schedule, receive reminders of when the drugs need to be taken, and to communicate with your care team. Care providers can use the app to check on their patients’ drug compliance, to provide guidance, and to monitor their patients in other ways.

As far as features, it boasts a 7″ touchscreen, powerful speakers, facial recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, battery backup, and a locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized users from accessing the drugs stored inside.

In addition to receiving their pills, getting alerts, and other health related functions, users can ask the device to play music, get the news, set alarms, and ask all kinds of questions that anyone with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home is familiar with.

We’re certainly impressed by the design of the Pillo and the interesting mix of features that it brings together, hopefully not only providing a happy presence on a tabletop, but also improving compliance with patients’ drug regimens.

According to Medgadget

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