WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - January 11, 2018 - Growing vegetables via smartphone


( Growing your own produce just got really easy. This is a farm cube - a fully enclosed ecosystem capable of growing vegetables indoors.

“In this one (Farm Cube), the one cycle, around six weeks, 200 pieces or 100 pieces depending on different vegetables,” said Jack Ting, CEO of Taipei-based OPCOM, developers of the automated farming technology. 

Seedlings are loaded into the cube. The growth cycle is then completely automated using farming software that monitors the plants and adjusts the environment accordingly, adding the perfect amount of air, light, and water needed for different stages of development.

Not home and worried about your farm cube? There’s an App for that. Cameras and sensors allow you to monitor everything from the PH levels to the LED light settings from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Its makers boast that the vegetables produced in their cubes are better for you than anything you can pick up at the market.  


“All water is UV light purified so it is very safe, even our vegetables, no need to wash,” Ting added.

The company also makes the Farm Container. This solar powered multi-cube system can grow 2,000 plants at once, enough lettuce to feed an army of vegetarians with big appetites. 

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