WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlighs - April 12, 2018 - Meet Fribo, the creepy robot for 'lonely people', that listens to your every move and automatically tells your friends what you've been up to in an effort to get them to keep in touch


Scientists behind the robot, named Fribo, claim it encourages its owner to text and call their friends to help them socialise. To do this, the robot senses when you open a door or turn on a light and then messages your group to let them know what you're up to. In early trials, users said Fribo did help them to contact friends more but many expressed privacy concerns.



According to scientists behind the project, from South Korean institutes Yonsei University and KAIST, Fribo brings together people who are physically isolated. It is designed to be left at home and houses microphones and sensors that listen in for domestic activities. The robot registers when someone comes home, opens a fridge, turns on a light, vacuums and more.



It then shares these updates with the Fribos of your closest friends, triggering each of the robots to announce that a member of the group has been active.



Scientists said it operates by listening for 'living noise', which is everything in your home that makes noise besides you. The robot doesn't record voices, meaning it is more private than gadgets like the Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart speakers.

According to dailymail

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