Workings - Daily Highlighs - October 8, 2017 - South Korea Residents To Get Special 10-Day Holiday In October.


( During this newly-minted holiday, President Moon Jae-in hopes that the country will savor the time off and enjoy time away from work.

South Koreans will be celebrating National Foundation Day on October 3, remembering the traditional founding of Korea by Tangun in 2333 B.C. Chuseok, known in English as Korean Thanksgiving, takes place between October 4 and 6, and, finally, Hangeul Day (also known as Korean Language Day) is observed on October 9, marking the invention and proclamation of the Korean alphabet in 1446.

South Koreans also honor their ancestors, marking the holiday in a similar fashion to American Thanksgiving, travelling home to spend time with their families.

President Moon Jae-in has favored letting South Korea, a country known for its long working hours and underused paid leave, to spend more time off work.

The South Korean president insists time off is both beneficial for people’s well being and for the economy because it offers more opportunities to spend money.

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