Man who strapped 120 balloons to a lawn chair and soared over Calgary stadium apologizes for the 'unconscionably stupid' stunt


(WorldKings) Daniel Boria, 27, (above) had hoped to fly a balloon chair across Calgary, Canada, and crash a local festival at the Calgary Stampede grounds

A Canadian entrepreneur who attempted to skydive on a lawn chair strapped with balloons has apologized for the danger the stunt caused but doesn't regret his actions - despite being fined $26,000.

Daniel Boria used 120 helium balloons for his 20-minute "balloonatic" flight on July 5, 2015, to promote his start-up All Clean Natural.

The 27 year old's plan was to land onto the Calgary Stampede grounds during chuckwagon races, but he missed his mark because of high winds and landed in an industrial area southeast of the venue, the Calgary Sun reports.  


Boria was fined C$5,000, with an additional C2,500 tacked on as a victim impact fee. He was also required to donate C$20,000 to a local veterans food bank. 

'I have the greatest story to tell for the rest of my life,' said Boria when asked Friday outside his sentencing hearing if the stunt was worth the fine. 

'I understood the risks but, if you do anything, you're going to get in trouble. If you don't do anything, you won't be in trouble but you won't get anywhere either,' he told CTV News. 

Boria pleaded guilty in December to dangerous operation of an aircraft. 


His lawn chair was caught floating into the flight paths of commercial airplanes by an incoming plane and air traffic control. 

Judge Bruce Fraser said the stunt could have led to a plane crash and loss of lives to both those in the aircraft and on the ground, noting that Boria had two passenger jets fly underneath him.

'The stunt was unconscionably stupid,' said Fraser. 'There was nothing fantastic, fun or exhilarating about it as the offender was quoted describing it. It was dumb and dangerous.'

Boria said he originally planned to jump from a plane into the Stampede grounds, but all pilots he contacted in North America refused. 

That's when he came up with the idea of using a lawn chair and balloons.  


He told the court Friday that he's pursuing a hot air balloon pilot's license "so we can do our next stunt legally". 

Boria would have likely received a harsher sentence if he wouldn't have pleaded guilty, said his attorney, Alain Hepner. 

'I said I apologized and understand some of the danger that I may have caused, and I really do apologize for wasting everybody's time,' Boria said. 



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