National Register Of Records becomes 16th official member of WordKings


( According to the newest announcement of the Management Committee of World Records Union - WorldKings, on November 9 of 2018, National Register Of Records – NRR have officially become 16th member of World Records Union – WorldKings.


National Register Of Records – NRR is a national record organization being founded on October 01, 2010 by Valentyn Shcherbachev who is the author of the first and only published book of records in Ukraine - “The Book of Unusual Records of Ukraine” and the owner of the largest database of records in Ukraine. The story began in 1989, when Valentyn Shcherbachev was a Chairman of “All-Union Club of Unusual Record-holders” which was founded in Moscow. As well as sports journalism, Valentyn Shcherbachev`s hobby included collecting unusual records, therefore the decision for his appointment encapsulated naturally his interests. Since his hobby became a chosen profession every uncommon achievement made throughout USSR and later throughout Ukraine has been evidenced by Shcherbachev`s signature. It took him 13 years to compile records for his “Book of unusual records of Ukraine” which was published in 2002.

National Register Of Records – NRR


According to Valentyn Shcherbachev, each of us was born a dreamer. But not everyone is able to soar in his dreams in transcendental heights. Happy is the one who implements the most daring and unusual projects. Such people are often called eccentrics, but they recognize that it is such romance dreamers who rotate the planet, move the progress of humanity forward. That extraordinary people deserve to be called the best. It is an essential part of human development; record-holders deserve great respect as they stimulate others to create  new achievements. Moreover, we consider that achieving records is an inevitable part of future self-development, in turn becoming a crucial aspect of every nation`s progression as well as that of the world.

Young - but not green ... The youngest race driver of Ukraine, Artem Khorolsky.


Do not step on my hair! - Anna Yanko, the owner of the longest hair in Ukraine, warned everyone.

The main goal of the National Register of Records is to give our readers an opportunity to see the world differently, thus allowing them to realize their physical, creative and intellectual potentials, as well as to inspire browsers with confidence and self-esteem, encouraging stimulation, innovation and progress. With the rapid development in the country, joining and becoming an official member of WorldKings is an indispensable event for National Register Of Records – NRR to promote the unusual records of Ukraine and learning exchange with other national record organizations in the world.

Mr.Valentyn Shcherbachev conferred certificate and records book on record holder.


As an official member of the WorldKings, the National Register Of Records – NRR is entitled to the following benefits:

- All Ukraine records participate setting world records activities are sponsored and supported legally by WorldKings in outside Ukraine.

- National Register Of Records – NRR has rights to post informations and images of WorldKings on NRR’s website.

- National Register Of Records – NRR is permitted to use and consult database of WorldKings.

- National Register Of Records – NRR is authorized to participate in events of WorldKings in the world

- All nominating world records of National Register Of Records – NRR will be resolved in the shortest possible time. Individuals or units owning world records of WorldKings will be promoted by WorldKings ever after.

List of 16 official members of WorldKings :

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12. Laos Book of Records - LBR

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14. Global Union of Managers – GUM

15. Indonesia Book of Records – IDBR

16. National Register Of Records – NRR



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