Vietnamese Records set at 30th Meeting of Records Holders.


(Worldkings) The 30th Meeting of the Record Holders officially announced 28 Vietnamese Records, within them, 11 owned by the units and organizations and the rest 17 owned by individuals. These are the records set in many sectors such as collection, the book projects, intellectual property, portrait…etc

Term 1: The Books’ Records:

1. “The Story about Him” – the longest story written in verse used six-eight meter (Vietnam Record Breaker)

Owner: Mr. Do Hong Quan

“The Story about Him” is the book about the life and the revolutionary career of the President Ho Chi Minh used the six-eight meter. The story includes 13,519 lines of verse, divided in 5 chapters. This work is done by Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan (born 1980) in 9 years.

This book was published by the Publisher of Writers’ Association in 2014.

This Record has broken the old record about the longest story written in verse about the Uncle Ho using the six-eight meter (set in 2013 with 3,654 lines of verse)

2.The Researcher has the most books written about Kieu’s story in Vietnam (Record Breaker)

Owner: Mr. Pham Dan Que

The Kieu’s story researcher Pham Dan Que (born 1936) is an ex-mathematics teacher. With the indulgence and the desire to get approach to the Nguyen Du’s masterpiece, he has founded a lot of remarkable points hidden in Kieu’s story.

After 20 years finding and researching, in 1991, he launched 2 first books “Kieu’s story Comparison” and “Kieu’s story comment, fortune telling and poem”. Until 2005, he continued to publish 13 more books about the Kieu’s Story. And from 2013 until now, he published 5 research books about Kieu’s story. Thus within 25 years (1991-2015), the Researcher Pham Dan Que launched and published 20 writtens about Kieu’s story. He has broken his own record set in 2005 with 15 books about Kieu published.

3.The first book project about the History of the Vietnamese Traditional Martial Art translated to foreign language (French)

Owner: Mr. Pham Dinh Phong

The book “History about the Vietnamese Traditional Martial Art” is an earnest, scientific and meticulous researching project about the Vietnamese Traditional Martial Art. This book has essential mean in reserving and improving the Vietnamese Martial Art. And contribute to beautify the human value in the people art and literature. Now this book has been reprinted in Vietnamese and published in French to introduce and popularize about the sporting spirit, martial history and the essence of the Vietnamese Martial Art to the Vietnamese Martial Art lover, researchers, masters and students in the world. This book is 835 pages thick and has a 24*16cm in size.

4. “The aerial views about the Vietnam’s Islands and coastline”- The first high level photo book about the Vietnamese Islands and Coast

Owner: Photographer Gian Thanh Son

Mr. Gian Thanh Son is a journalist, photographer that has opportunity to appear on the special flights to take the photographs about the offshore islands of the nation.

The photo book “the aerial view about the Vietnam’s Islands and Coastline” is the collection of 445 photographs out of thousand of photographes in the collection “Vietnam from the air” made in 20 years. This photo book almost embraces the impression, colours and the light situation through a “green and blue” area of the sea and plants. And through this book, the author want to send a message to international friends about the economic, tourism and natural environment potential of Vietnam. This book is printed in 27*30 centimetres in size with 300 pages in English- Vietnamese language, and divided in 2 main subjects “Island- the sacred sovereignty” with the remarkable points are the photos about the Spratly and Paracel Islands and “Coast- the Vietnamese great gateway”.


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