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    Bullseye! Watch 'Human Arrow' stuntman tear through a target as he soars over China's Great Wall in his wingsuit


    (Worldkings) A wingsuit stuntman dubbed the 'Human Arrow' smashed a personal record as he tore through a target suspended over the Great Wall of China.

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    Inside the world's biggest aircraft carrier


    (Worldkings) It weighs over 100,000 tonnes, is nearly as long as the 102-storey Empire State Building in Manhattan and serves 18,150 meals a day to over 3,200 sailors and 2,480 airmen. Welcome to the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Nicknamed the 'Big Stick', the Nimitz Class supercarrier has a a 4.5 acre flight deck serving its 60 war planes and leads a strike group that comprises five ships.Here's a glimpse of what it's like to be inside the USS Theodore Roosevelt:

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    Without oxgyen aid, three different people conquered Mt Everest at three different times


    (Worldkings) Three different people, three different times. So what they have in common? They all conquered the Mt Everest on the same day.

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    1200 Years Old Ancient Hindu Temple Carved Entirely From a Single Rock


    (Worldkings) Kailasa temple is 1200 year old Ancient Hindu Temple Carved from a single rock in Ellora stands majestically 29 kilometers away from the City of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, India and which is part of a set of 34 temples and monasteries renowned as the Ellora Caves. This temple is a remarkable example of Dravidian architecture in the 8th century due to its almost accurate proportions and intricate workmanship by a set of dedicated sculptors in a time when there must have been only hand tools available for construction and elephants for transporting heavy building material.

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    World record! These guys crossed a 1km slackline


    (Worldkings) Nathan Paulin already had the record for the longest highline walk in the world – and now he's beat his own record.In Aiglun, France, on Tuesday, April 19, the highliner and balance athlete, along with Danny Menšík, set a new record for the longest slackline ever – over 1km.

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    Patrouille de France- The world's oldest aerobatic demonstration team


    (Worldkings)The Patrouille Acrobatique de France (French pronunciation: ​[patʁuj akʁɔbatik də fʁɑ̃s], French Acrobatic Patrol), also known as the Patrouille de France or PAF, is the precision aerobatic demonstration team of the French Air Force. Originating in 1931, it is the world's oldest and one of the most skilled demonstration teams. Pilots currently fly the Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet.

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    Motorcycle Ride Around The World Record Attempt On-Schedule


    (Worldkings) MINNEAPOLIS — Swiss endurance rider Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita is 25 riding days and 16,932 miles into his quest to set a new world record by circumnavigating six continents in less than 100 riding days aboard his Victory Motorcycles® Cross Country Tour.

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    How to Set Five World Records at Age 50


    (Worldkings)Sean Wade wants to be the fastest in his age group in every middle-distance track event, and he takes many precautions to stay healthy.

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    'Super-human' marathon runner Dean Karnazes can jog 350 miles without stopping thanks to a rare genetic condition


    (Worldkings) 53-year-old Dean Karnazes has a genetic condition that means that he doesn't get cramps, muscle burn or hyperventilating when he runs. He even managed to sprint 350 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes - without any rest.

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