World Largest Mental Arithmetic Competition by UCMAS Canada


( On June 3 of 2018, UCMAS Canada have achieved record for the global network to conduct the largest abacus lesson ever in the world with more than 5,700 students between 4 and 14 unleashed their skills to answer 150 questions in 8-minute.

UCMAS is a globally recognized and scientifically proven, child development program based on Mental Math and Abacus for children aged 4-13 years.

UCMAS applies innovative pedagogical techniques developed by specialists that include child development experts & child psychologists to leverage educational trends and to maintain a world-class quality Abacus Math program. UCMAS has helped develop brain capabilities of students across Canada and is considered as one of the best after school programs.

In terms of this world record competition, included contestants from across Canada, while most of the participants were from the state of Ontario, also had students from Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Michigan and Washington State participate in this exciting record-creating event.

Van Nguyen (collect ) - WORLD RECORDS UNION - WORLDKINGS ( source of photo : internet )


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