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( CRRC is the world's largest rolling stock manufacturer. A variety of rolling stock from the company includes 704 EMU cars, 81 DMU cars, 44 passenger locomotives, 360 carriages, 107 freight locomotives and 3,500 freight cars, in addition to the 150 200 Series cars for the Subte.

CRRC Corporation Limited (known as CRRC) is a Chinese state-owned and publicly traded rolling stock manufacturer.

It is the world's largest rolling stock manufacturer in terms of revenue, eclipsing its major competitors of Alstom and Siemens. 

It was formed on 1 June 2015 with the merger of CNR and CSR.

The combined company became the largest railway rolling stock manufacturer in the world, and had over 90% of the China market. Total employment of the combine was 175,700 persons, and the share capital was valued at CN¥27.289 billion. 

As of 2016 it had 183,061 employees. A variety of rolling stock from the company includes EMU cars, DMU cars, passenger locomotives, carriages, freight locomotives and freight cars...

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