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World Records Union (Worldkings) is the first union of national and regional records organization in the world. 
Worldkings was founded in 2013 with 21 business partners and initial members:
 1.   World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA
 2.   Asia Book of Records - ABR
 3.   World Records University - WRU
 4.   USA Records Organization - USKings
 5.   Indochina Book of Records  - IBR
 6.   ASEAN Book of Records - ABR
 7.   India Book of Records - IBR
 8.   Vietnam Book of Records - VietKings
 9.   Nepal Book of Records - NBR
 10. Bangladesh Book of Records - BBR
 11. Cambodia Book of Records - CBR
 12. Laos Book of Records - LBR
 13. Thailand Book of Records -TBR
 14. Global Union of Managers - GUM
 15. Indonesia Book of Records - IDBR
 16. World Record Association - WRA
 17.National Register of Records - NRR
 18. Global Vietnamese Record Organization - VietWorld
 19. World Science Academy of Record - WSAR
 20. World Record Content Academy - WRCA
 21. Global Education Record Holder - GWRH
In the future, Worldkings will admit more members to expand the organization. The first annual edition of Worldkings will be published in 2013 to introduce the newest world records in our planet.

WorldKings has 9 academies (they are aslo members of WorldKings) below for establishment of global data system.

  1. World Top Academy - WTA – Anually it makes public list 100 Tops in different fields such as economy, culture, society, etc. in the world.
  2. World Almanac & Event Academy - WAEA – It recognizes and store values of time and big events in the world.
  3. World Best Academy - WBA – Anually it makes public the products or services which are best-selling in the world.
  4. World Record Content Academy - WRCA -  It awards Delication Awards and honour record holders who have lifetime achievements which have valuable content for the benefit of community all over the world.
  5. World Copyright Academy - WCA – It grants copyright to products and services of record holders in the world as well as connect to the business community to develope value of their copyrights.
  6. World Unique Creativity Academy - WUCA – It makes public unique values of record holders to develop, trade and display in exhibitions and help them auction their products.
  7. World Quintessence Academy - WQA – It seeks most special quintessences of global community of record holders, performing artists, craftsmen of trade villages, scientists, researchers and business people.
  8. World Brain Academy - WBA – It research and establish documents of record holders who have excellent brains all over the world.
  9. World Values Academy - WVA – It gathers database of record products, valuable quintessences of record holders to create documents, preserve and make them public all over the world.


Worldkings not only provides information about world records but also aims to honour the value of record's content and tell you the story about the records, the record holders and their journey to set the records. In other words, Worldkings is where we celebrate, promote world records and inspire the community by world records.
Worldkings also bring the global vision to national records, regional records and continental records. We encourage everyone to challenge themselves for creating better and bigger values to meet the world.
Values of Content: not only numbers, which is bigger, longer, farther,... the records recognized and celebrated by Worldkings can be masterpieces which have unique and meaningful content to humanity.
Values of Creativity: not only breaking existing records, we pay attention on introducing records set by the infinite creativity of human, which can be repeated by anyone else.
Values of Community Development: records recognized by Worldkings is not only important to record holders but also to the community. They can be some records in charity which are beneficial to every people.
Values of Eternity: not only records of one generation, records recognized by Worldkings are records of many generations. They are lessons which the next generations will learn and memorize. Every records honoured will be kept forever in the data center of Worldkings.
Valuable: World records recognized by Worldkings must be valuable to the global community. It can be a culture event which is helpful to promote a countrys image to the world or a charity event that bring happiness to everyone. Or just personal efforts that inspire people in the world. You can read more about the values of a Worldkings world record.
Measurable and/or Unique: Not only the longest, the biggest, the fastest,... but also the most unique objects, artworks, events,...  are recognized as world records by Worldkings. So feel free to apply for record if you think your work is unique enough to have a place in Worldkings data center.
Confirmable: Every record-setting attempt must be able to be checked and verified by Worldkings officials. We will check the information in our database and the Internet database. The record applicants also need to provide any evidence required during the confirming process and Worldkings commit to confirm your record-setting attempt as successful as soon as possible after we have enough information and evidences.
Global: World records must be something that is known to the world community. First, we promise to help promoting your record-setting attempt to the world by introducing it on our official website. Second, your record-setting attempt must not be too specific or restricted by region or country. For example, we can't recognize the largest Torii (a Shinto shrine gateway) as world record, because Torii can only be founded in Japan. However, we can recognize the largest Pho (a traditional Vietnamese dish) bowl, because Pho now appears in the menu of many international restaurants.

 - WorldKings will focus on seeking and recognizing the records which have timeless value in fields of economy (products or services) and bring long-term benefits to society and countries all over the world.

 - Annually WorldKings will organize meetings of record holders who create values in global investment, commerce and service. Furthermore, WorldKings will connect with record organizations and record holders in the world to create new values and share experiences to them. Besides, WorldKings will create models which meet aspiration of record holers in the world based on their available values.

 - WorldKings will help  record organizations with the  promotion of the values of specialities, cuisine, historical monuments, culture and famous destinations of countries all over the world through global communication connection of WorldKings members.

 - WorldKings will establish a trading floor of unique products of record holders and bring them to professional auctions in the world.

 - WorldKings will build a professional website which contains record values of record organizations which are member of WorldKings and publish World Record Yearbook to introduce all of world valuable records.

 - “Creativity in record is like an endless ocean.” Although the way we choose has a lot of difficulties, it has wonderful values of great promise in the future. We look forward to the support and cooperation of world record holder community.


 WorldKings operates based on the following licenses and copyrights.

 - The Operation License - No.201523810101 was conferred by the California Secretary of State's office in US.

 - The Copyright - No.1472727 was conferred by UK Copyright Service Department in the United Kingdom.

 - The Operation  License - No. 2015023372 was conferred by Department of Labour of Government of National      Capital Territory of Delhi.

 - The Copyright - No.2102/2015.CO/A was conferred by Copyright Office of Government of India.



The 1st Meeting of World Record Holders occured from November 11, 2017 to November 12, 2017 in India with over 2000 attendees.
























The 2nd Meeting of World Record Holders occured from August 26, 2018 to August 27, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam